Most countries now require travel insurance as a prerequisite for entry regardless of whether your are going for work or play. This is as a result of the COVID virus so if you plan to travel make sure you have COVID travel cover in place.   If you are going hiking or climbing or trekking then you need extra cover for your activities. 

Hiking and Climbing an
d cycling tours have become popular for many adventure seekers looking to add a climb up Kilimanjaro or a trek to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna or even Island Peak to their list of amazing adventures. But any climb to high altitude carries with it a number of risks and having the correct and good trekking insurance is an absolute must. 

We will assist in helping you provide good cover. 

Below we have links to two options. 

If you are in South Africa, either one will apply. If you are not from South Africa then look at the World Nomad option on the right. Remember that we are not insurance experts and it's your responsibility to ensure you have correct and adequate cover. If you live in South Africa, we have other cover options. 

This page is a guide only.

As a company, we (Nomadic Adventures) do not allow anyone to climb with us unless they have adequate travel insurance. Adequate, means you must be covered for 
1) trekking or hiking - this may sound strange, but many insurance list that as an exclusion
2) altitude up to 6,000 meters. Most travel insurance providers do not include this under their standard option and often limit it to 3500m or less. 
3) Sprains strains and physiotherapy - yes, many insurers exclude this, though ironically, this is what you will most likely need cover for.
4) personal accident - this is the horrible part of insurance. Yes, you need to be covered in the case of death. We are often told by clients - "if anything happens to me, just leave me there." Bodies need to be brought home or laid to rest overseas, and this can run into thousands of dollars, creating a huge burden on family members.   

View a selection of high altitude trekking/hiking insurance options

TIC Travel and Trekking Insurance South Africa

TIC Travel Insurance

TIC offers COVID cover as well as good hiking, trekking and travel cover from South Africa for trips like Annapurna, Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Inca Trail etc, even Aconcagua. It also offers standard travel insurance for things like cancellation, curtailment, lost luggage etc.  

Please note that all TIC policy-holders are fully covered for emergency medical and related expenses should the traveller contract the coronavirus whilst on an international journey. The related expenses include medical transportation and medical repatriation, repatriation of children and/or travel companion and burial or cremation or return of mortal remains.

Your TIC policy does not provide cover for cancellation, curtailment or extension costs and expenses arising as a result from: Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) or any variant or mutation of such virus; and/or Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or any variant or mutation of such disease; and/or Any epidemic, pandemic or health emergency declared or classified as such by the World Health Organization or any national, regional or local governmental authority; and/or Any fear or threat of 1, 2 or 3 above, whether actual or perceived. By clicking into the link you confirm that you will read the policy wording first before you issue your cover.

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World Nomad Altitude Trekking / travel Cover

World nomad travel cover

Once you have done your initial quote, you will need to upgrade your cover to include altitudes up to 6000m. Towards the bottom of the page you will see a section called, Options: Upgrade your cover. Click the link called 'View Adventure Sports Benefits'. A blue pop up screen will open. Look for the level of cover required for 'trekking to 6,000 meters' or 'hiking to 6,000 meters'. Depending on your country it is usually a level 1 or 2.     

Please note that there is NO COVER available for travel to any country or part of it with a COVID-19 travel ban, and any events that arise when you travel against the US Department of State government travel bans or Do Not Travel warnings. Ready to hit the road? Before you buy, check the US Department of State travel warnings and make sure you understand the impact coronavirus (COVID-19) and the associated travel warnings may have on travel insurance coverage.  

By clicking into the link you confirm that you will read the policy wording first before you issue your cover.

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