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About Us

What started out of as a commitment to family to Climb Kilimanjaro quickly turned into a passion for high peaks and adventure travel around the world. Nomadic Adventures was born out of the desire to offer these amazing experiences with others around the world.


Since then, Nomadic Adventures has grown and now includes an array of unusual destinations from South America to Tibet and Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. We have spent time with the mountain gorilla of Rwanda, trekked to the North Face of Everest, visiting the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, engaged in cultural dances with the Nepalese and witnessed the migration of the wildebeest from Tanzania to Kenya. Our journeys continue so that we may gain first hand experience or our areas.


Nomadic Adventures are active members of SATSA (The Southern Africa Tourism Services Association). SATSA’s aim is to set the highest possible standards for tourism by supplying a measure of accreditation that each member needs to comply with in order to bear the SATSA logo. The logo is a symbol of credibility, stability and integrity that ultimately provides both tourists and the trade with peace of mind when it comes to dealing with tourist related businesses.


We do not reject anyone who wants to climb in pairs or small groups and will do our best to accommodate your specific needs. We don't only work on fixed departure dates. We also tailor make your adventure tour or trek to meet your needs and requirements, be it additional days in the country to acclimatise, venture off on a journey of discovery amongst the people or simply to sit back, relax and absorb a whole new world.



Our Sustainable Tourism Policy


As one of the many companies in the industry, we constantly strive to minimise our impact on the environment.  Every tour has an impact on the environment, be it one traveler or a group. Being concerned for the environment means that we have put a number of policies, starting in the office

  • In the office, we use minimal lighting to save on electricity, use only the power sources that we need and at night, turn off all electronic equipment, including computers and printers.

  • We constantly strive to reduce paper wastage and make use of double sided print. We do not print endless brochures for distribution and rely on online brochures and e-newsletters to clients and agents.

  • In collaboration with other partners in the industry, we run an annual clean-up on Kilimanjaro and every 6 months bring off an average of 500kg of rubbish from the mountain.

  • On tour, we make use of gas cookers to eliminate the burning of wood

  • Rubbish is deposited in the relevant bins unless it is a high altitude climb in which case, all rubbish is carried out and accounted for on the return

  • We ask that all travelers hand their rubbish to the cook if camping, place it in the bins available or carry it off the mountain with them.

  • We stick, were possible, to designated paths and ask that traveler do not cut across trails. This helps to ensure that new wash ways and areas of erosion are not created.

  • We ask that travelers do not remove plant life or disturb animals along the routes.

  • We request that all staff and travelers make use of toilet facilities where they are available and not to use the bush.


  • We ask that you respect the local culture at all times and to remember that the destination was not designed to make you comfortable, but to make it sown people comfortable. Please avoid criticising people for their cultural outlook and way of life.

  • Please do not wander into people’s homes, respect their privacy as you would except them to respect yours.

  • We ask that you dress conservatively and to respect the local customs of the people. Tight, skimpy clothing is offensive to a lot of cultures and women should avoid wearing shorts, short skirts or singlets, especially not in places of worship such as temples and monasteries.

  • We ask that you do not give in to begging children and people on the streets by handing out tokens, sweets, chocolates etc as we believe that this only perpetuates the tradition. We encourage you to rather engage in play with the children along the route.

  • Public displays of affection should be voided at all times as some cultures find this offensive.

  • Do not take photo’s of local people without first asking their permission. Some cultures believe that in taking their photo you are capturing their soul in perpetuity within your camera. In temples and monasteries, please check with the guide if you can take photographs first.

  • We work with country based operators who have proven their success in their field. They in turn employ local guides who know the local conditions, customs and culture and most importantly, the mountains. Who better to escort your around the country than the very people who live there.


We work with local operators in the industry who meet the following criteria:-

  • Are registered and accredited

  • Ensure on going guide training

  • Are members of Porters Progress, Porters Protection Groups or Porters Protection Nepal

  • Give back to community projects in their area so that a portion of your funds go into helping local communities

  • Employ guides who are registered and trained.






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