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Early Bird Aconcagua Special


If 50% deposit is received prior to 31 March 2013, the climb fee will be reduced to $2880.00 per person sharing with a deposit required of $1440.00


Aconcagua is situated within the Aconcagua Provincial Park of Aconcagua, in Argentina . I is surrounded by a large number o f high peaks, from Mt. Cuerno (5450m), Mt. Catedral (5200m), to Mt. Mirador (5800m) and Mt. Ameghino (5800m),  to name but a few. It was first climbed by the English alpinist, Edward Fitzgerald, during the summer of 1897


During the climbing seasons of 2003 and 2004, 3702 people entered the Park in an attempt to reach her summit, with about a 60% success rate. An additional 2372 people entered the park, just to trek to her base camp and return.


Climbing Mt Aconcagua Itinerary


Day 1: Mendoza (760m)

We will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel. On this day our guide will check your mountain equipment and accompany you to hire the necessary things. You will lodge and enjoy the comforts of one of the best hotels in Mendoza city. (Food is not included)


Day 2: Mendoza / Puente del Inca (2725m)

Before going to Puente del Inca, the whole group will apply for the climbing permit with the guides’ assistance. You will have lunch and spend the night in Puente del Inca hostel. In the afternoon, the mules are loaded and prepared for the following day. (B, L, D)


Day 3: Puente del Inca / Confluencia (3300m)

The group will be taken to the entrance of the Park in a private van. There permits will be presented and you will start with the trekking to Confluencia Camp. The equipment will be carried by mules. At arrival, you will set up your tent with your partner and will be able to rest. (B, PL, D)


Day 4: Confluencia / Plaza Francia (4000m) / Confluencia

Trek to Plaza Francia, base of the south face of Mt. Aconcagua. Here you will enjoy a delicious lunch and a spectacular view. Then you will return to Confluencia. This trekking is considered part of the acclimatization process, fundamental in our expedition. (B, PL, D)


Day 5: Confluencia / Plaza de Mulas (4260m)

The trek to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp lasts around 8 hours. You will stay in our own base camp with the necessary commodities for you to be as comfortable as possible. (B, PL, D)


Day 6: Plaza de Mulas 

Resting day. You will make a short trek to the glacier so as to improve your use of crampons. These kinds of activities facilitate your success in the mountain. (B, L, D)


Day 7: Plaza de Mulas / Camp 1 “Canada” (4910m) / Plaza de Mulas

Acclimatization Trek to Camp 1 “Canada” where you will have lunch and then return to the Base Camp. This trek lasts around 5 hours. (B, PL, D)


Day 8: Plaza de Mulas / Mt. Bonete (5100m) / Plaza de Mulas

Acclimatization trekking to Mt. Bonete summit and return to Plaza de Mulas. This trekking will take about 6 hours and you will reach 5.100 m of altitude. This activity will definitely turns on all the acclimatization mechanisms. (B, PL, D)


Day 9: Plaza de Mulas

Resting and acclimatization day. On this day you will make sure that your equipment is ready and you will rest to be strong for the next days that demand more effort. (B, L, D)


Day 10: Plaza de Mulas / Camp 1 “Canada”

After a 3-hour trek, you will reach Camp 1. The group will have lunch and set up tents. You will begin feeling the effects of altitude on your body. (B, PL, D)


Day 11: Camp 1 “Canada” / Camp 2 “Nido de Cóndores” (5250m)

Climb to Camp 2. This trek lasts 4 hours. As on the previous days, you will set up tents with the guides’ help. You can rest after this. (B, PL, D)


Day 12: Camp 2 “Nido de Cóndores” / Camp 3 “Berlín” (5900m)

Climb to Camp 3 “Berlin”. This will be a short hike, around 3 hours, but all your strength is needed due to the characteristics of this part of the route. This is the last altitude camp before the summit. (B, PL, D)


Day 13: Camp 3 “Berlin” / Summit (6962m) / Camp 3 “Berlin”

Climb from Camp 3 to the summit and return to Camp 3. The great day! The group will get up very early in the morning, have breakfast and start climbing. You will get to the summit, where you will live an unforgettable experience, and return to Berlin. You will sleep that night with the satisfaction of having reached your aim. (B, PL, D)


Day 14: Camp 3 “Berlín”/ Plaza de Mulas

You will descend to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. The group will have the day free to share those emotions experienced throughout the expedition. (B, PL, D)


Day 15: Plaza de Mulas / Puente del Inca / Mendoza

Descent to Puente del Inca and last trek in the expedition. Your belongings will be carried by mules so you will only take a light bag pack with a jacket and your packed lunch.

Transfer to Mendoza city. Lodge in the hotel. (B, PL)


Day 16: Mendoza

Breakfast. End of services. (B)


Day 17: Extra day for contingencies that may prevent the normal development of the program.


Day 18: Extra day for contingencies that may prevent the normal development of the program.


End of Services


For details of costs, or to send an enquiry, click on the e-mail link telephone and email link on the right


Location: Argentina

Total Tour Duration: 18 Days

Accommodation: Hotel, Tents

Departures: October to February

Altitude: 6,962m

Dates :






















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